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7 Best Laptops for Mechanics (2023) – Automotive Technician

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Automotive Technicians need a laptop that can handle car tunning software like Viezu K-Suite and MaxxECUMTune. A laptop to provide that much power needs to have high available space, a powerful Nvidia 3000 series GPU, an excellent processor, and plenty of RAM.

However, finding a powerful laptop that can run all your mechanical and tuning software is quite a difficult task because of the different brands and specs of laptops available in the market. Therefore, after testing and benchmarking more than 50 laptops, we bring you the list of the best laptops for mechanics in 2023.

Best Laptops for Mechanics (2023)

1- Razer Blade 17 Pro (Best Laptop for Automotive Technicians)

Razer Blade 17 Pro (Best Laptop for Automotive Technicians)


  • Manufacturers: Razer
  • Processor: i7-10875H
  • GPU: RTX 3060
  • RAM/Storage: 16GB/512GB
  • Display size: 17.3 inches

The Razer’s blade series laptops perfectly balance work and gaming in a laptop. Like other Razer laptops, the blade 17 pro got clear metal CNC aluminum finish that feels amazing due to its fingerprint resistance surface, and it’s one of the top-tier laptops on the market when it comes the build quality.

The laptop alone weighs 6.1lbs, making it relatively lightweight, so you can easily carry it around your workshop during car tunning. Furthermore, the 17.3 inches Full HD display panels got an ultra-fast 360 Hz refresh rate with an excellent color gamut that gives fluid visuals during your gaming and media consumption.

I love that the Razer blade 17 Pro is rocking a 10th gen eight-core i7 processor that will give you more than enough power to handle the heaviest Automotive applications like MaxxECUMTune and ESP without breaking a sweat. Also, its RTX 30 series will fulfill all the graphical power demands.

Moreover, the blade 17 has a per-key RGB backlit keyboard, which you can customize the way you like using Razer chloroma software. There is no Numpad, so the touchpad is in the center, making it quite easily accessible. Also, it comes with 16GB RAM with an extra user-upgradable memory slot so that you won’t have any problem with multitasking. The mux switch on the laptop gives it a huge performance edge.


  • Durable CNC aluminum chassis
  • High-end 10th gen CPU and RTX 30 GPU
  • Upgradability with extra RAM slot
  • Aesthetic Per-key RGB keyboard
  • Efficient Vapor chamber cooling system
  • 360 Hz Visual fluidity


  • No optical drive

Overall, the Razer Blade 17 Pro got excellent gaming and professional task handling performance. Therefore, if you want a laptop that can provide excellent mechanical and automotive applications support and fulfill your hardcore gaming need on the side, then the Blade 17 pro is the best laptop for automotive technicians.

2- ASUS ZenBook Pro (Best Laptop for Mechanics)

ASUS ZenBook Pro (Best Laptop for Mechanics)


  • Manufacturers: ASUS
  • Processor: i9-9980HK
  • GPU: RTX 2060
  • RAM/Storage: 32GB/1 TB
  • Display size: Dual 15.6 and 14 inches

Have you ever heard about a laptop with Dual screens? If no, then you are in for a treat. The ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 is an insane 4k dual-screen laptop that supports creators and mechanical applications like PCMscan for car tunning and adobe illustrator for designing. Also, they both are compatible with Windows laptops.

The ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 got 15.6 inches nano edge touchscreen main display that offers an excellent color gamut to experience sharp and vivid image quality during your gaming or watching movies. Furthermore, it also got a screen pad plus a 14 inches 4k matte touchscreen that allows you to multitask.

Talking about multitasking, the ZenBook Pro comes with massive 32 GB RAM that allows you to open multiple tabs and applications without putting much pressure on the processor. With its latest 9th generation core i9 processor, you can run CPU-hungry automotive applications like Viezu, and you can do ECU remapping and car tuning remapping without worrying about speed.

For your graphics-hungry tasks, the ZenBook Pro has an RTX 2060 GPU that lets you play AAA titles with 100 plus FPS and Run engine simulations on various automotive applications. Moreover, this laptop got stylus support, so you can also do digital art and design with maximum precision.


  • Dual 4k display panels
  • Nano-edge bezel panel design
  • Multitasking with massive 32GB RAM
  • Powerful RTX 2060 performance
  • Smart num and touchpad


  • A little on the expensive side

For a dual-screen, potent laptop, the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 is insane. It got excellent graphical performance and pairs it with 32GB RAM; there is nothing that this machine can’t handle. Also, this laptop is arguably the best creative and mechanic laptop on the market.

3- Razer Blade Stealth 13

Razer Blade Stealth 13


  • Manufacturers: Razer
  • Processor: i7-10635G7
  • GPU: GTX 1650
  • RAM/Storage: 16GB/512 GB
  • Display size: 13.3 inches

Next on our list is the Razer Blade Stealth 13, and, in many ways, I would consider it to be my favored laptop on the market right now because of its user-friendliness. The Blade stealth 13 is rocking a quad-core i7 processor with a boost up to 4.6 GHz, which will easily be able to run your automotive diagnostics applications.

The Stealth 13 offers 8GB LPDDR3 dual-channel RAM with a 2133 MHz clock speed that is two times faster than DDR3 RAM so that you can do fast multitasking. Furthermore, its Ultra-thin and ultra-light build provides mobility for work and play. You can do cordless diagnostics and car tunning thanks to its 9 hours of battery backup.

Razer Blade Stealth 13

Furthermore, the blade stealth 13 has a full HD 13.3 inches display panel with thin bezels to get maximum image clarity with a large viewing area. I’ve spent the last few years typing on razors laptop keyboards, and I really love the Stealth 13 soft Chroma keyboard that is super comfortable, and you can also customize the lighting effects.

Since it uses Nvidia GTX 1650 GPU, you will be able to run your modern AAA titles and graphics-dependent applications pretty efficiently. Also, it got a full suite of connectivity options so that I/o connection won’t be a problem. It uses four stereo speakers with smart amplifiers for that surround sound experience everybody wants.


  • Colorful soft Chroma keyboard
  • Four stereo surround sound speakers
  • Color accurate 13.4 inches display
  • Long 9 hours of battery backup
  • Ultimate thin and light form factor


  • Touchscreen only in 4k panel

If you are looking for a portable, fast, and long battery life laptop for your Automotive workshop, there is nothing better than the Razer Blade Stealth 13. Also, this laptop is the best laptop for automotive diagnostics because of how smoothly it can perform under processing load.

4- Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4


  • Manufacturers: Microsoft
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7
  • GPU: Radeon graphics
  • RAM/Storage: 8GB/512 GB
  • Display size: 15 inches

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 is a slim and premium-looking laptop that packs a ton of processing power. These surface laptops compete with Apple’s MacBook because of their silver clean aesthetic and aluminum finish body. The laptop only weighs 4.2 lbs making it a travel-friendly option for students and automotive technicians,

Moreover, the surface 4 provides you the power to do what you want, thanks to its AMD Ryzen 7 processor. Also, AMD Ryzen 7 processors are much faster when it comes to mobile chips compared to intel. It’s Omni sonic speakers with Dolby Atmos6 deliver cinema-like clear and loud sound.

Talking about sound, surface 4 uses dual far-field studio mics so you can do video calls and meetings without the background sound distortion and noise. Furthermore, this laptop got a Pixel sense 15 inches touchscreen display that delivers excellent vivid and sharp visuals even on the low brightness levels.

The main feature that I love the most is its 19 hours long battery life, which allows you to type, work, and play all day without worrying about the battery. Also, it got a quiet design and a buttery smooth surface keyboard for easy and comfortable typing. For your convivence, the surface 4 also got versatile connectivity options like USB-4 and USB-C.


  • Slim and sleek aluminum design
  • Vivid Pixelsense 15 inches touchscreen
  • Powerful AMD Ryzen chipset
  • Long 19 hours of battery life
  • Excellent quality Omni sonic speakers


  • Avg GPU power

If you want a laptop that delivers excellent processing power with long battery timing, then the surface 4 is ideal. Also, this is the best laptop for car tuning because it’s incredibly lightweight, and you can comfortably hold it in one hand while doing automotive diagnostics.

5- Acer Aspire 5

5- Acer Aspire 5


  • Manufacturers: Acer
  • Processor: i5 1135-G7
  • GPU: Intel iris Z
  • RAM/Storage: 8GB/1 TB
  • Display size: 15.6 inches

The Acer Aspire 5 is a budget-friendly, versatile, and reliable laptop with a very solid feature set for the price. The aspire 5 delivers premium performance with its powerful Intel i5 processor that can easily tackle your processor-dependent Automotive applications like Viezuk-suit and ESP. Also, Aspire 5 comes with eight gigs of RAM to give you multitasking power.

If you’re curious about the screen, the Aspire 5 has a 15.6 inches Full HD IPS display that combines vivid details, real-life sharp colors, and a large viewing area to give you top quality visual experience. A slight rase in its hinges design makes it more stable and comfortable to use in typing positions.

Also, the Aspire 5 screens can tilt back 130 degrees, providing a wider viewing angle than many competitors out there. During our benchmarking, its i5 processor outperformed the i7, but its temperature was also pretty stable even during intense loading. Also, you will get plenty of storage to store documents and files thanks to its 1TB SSD.

You can enjoy all-day use with its lithium-ion battery, which will last for 9 hours on a single charge. Moreover, the Aspire comes with an intel iris z graphics card that can handle light gaming and photo/video editing and also provides adequate graphical power to run automotive tunning applications.


  • Visibly stunning 15.6 FHD IPS display
  • The comfortable raised hinge chassis design
  • Massive 1TB storage space
  • Premium performance intel i5 processor
  • Long 9-hour lithium-ion battery


The Acer Aspire 5 delivers all around-performance, and it mixes in an impressive feature set with a budget-friendly price. So, if you want a powerful budget-friendly automotive laptop, then the Aspire 5 is the one for you.

6- ASUS Vivobook 15

ASUS Vivobook 15


  • Manufacturers: Asus
  • Processor: Ryzen 5-5500 U
  • GPU: integrated
  • RAM/Storage: 8GB/ 512 GB
  • Display size: 15.6 inches

The Vivobook series from Asus has always been one of the best budget-friendly ultra-books. The ASUS Vivobook 15 has an AMD’s Ryzen 5 –5500u six cores processor with a 2.1 GHz memory clock that lets you do processor-dependent work at maximum pace. Also, this processor can boost up to 4.1 GHz for that extra power need.

What I really like about the VIvobook 15 is its premium-quality design that is suitable for university students or automotive technicians. Also, the back of the machine features a beautiful ASUS Vivobook logo in a crystal-clear finish, while the entire surface got a matte-like automizer finish.

Even though 16×10 aspect ratio displays are getting common these days, that trend has not gotten up to the budget laptops category. Thus, the Vivobook, with its 15.6 inches full HD display, is rocking the budget laptop industry. Also, this display has 400 nits HDR and OLED DCI-P3:100% making it a color-accurate and sharp display.

Moreover, the Vivobook 15 features a reversible USB 3.2 gen 1 type c port with any-way up design that makes the connecting device as easy as it gets. Its full-size keyboard is super soft and is perfect to work in all environments like Automotive workshops and universities. Also, it uses AIPT, which saves power and keeps this laptop cool.


  • Budget-friendly 16×10 aspect ratio laptop
  • Ultra-efficient Ausus Intelligent Performance Technology
  • Effortless input with Reversible USB 3.2
  • 400 Nits bright HDR display
  • Powerful six cores AMD Ryzen 5 processor


  • Low audio output

Summing it up, the Asus Vivobook 15 is defiantly a visually stunning and powerful ultrabook for the price. The Vivobook 15 got the power of an AMD 6 cores processor, so running an automotive application like MaxxECU MTune won’t be a problem.

7- ASUS TUF Dash FX516PM



  • Manufacturers: Asus
  • Processor: i7 11370H
  • GPU: RTX 3060
  • RAM/Storage: 8GB/ 512 GB
  • Display size: 15.6 inches

Last but not least is the ASUS TUF Dash FX516PM. The Dash FX516PM is a thin and light RTX 3060 gaming laptop with tons of graphical and processing power. Also, it is not as heavy and thick as a typical gaming laptop, so it’s quite portable and can easily slide into your backpack.

I have been using this as my primary laptop for more than a year now, and I am in love with the combination of RTX 3060 and 11th gen intel i7 it uses. These two combines make this laptop a gaming powerhouse, and if you are an Automotive Technician, you won’t be having a problem running your simulations and car tunning apps.

The Asus TUF Dash FX516PM got a 15.6 inches 144hz display panel that offers a 3ms response time which is quite amazing if you are a hardcore FPS gamer. Also, this display is IPS, so you will have an amazing and sharp visual experience while playing or consuming media.

Since it got a central cooling system, the Dash FX516PM will keep heat away from your CPU, a quiet GPU, and keyboard area so you can enjoy it all day long working without any lag. We call it one of the best laptops for automotive technicians because of its excellent processing and task handling power with solid 8 GB DDR4 RAM.



  • No webcam

Overall, I love the ASUS TUF Dash FX516PM because it got powerful and efficient combined RTX 3060 and i7 performance. You can also use it for gaming, video editing, graphic designing, as a VA, automotive applications, and much more on the TUF Dash FX516PM at a reasonable price.

Buying Guide

If you are new to the laptop market, then allow me to explain some key features that will surely help you in the selection of the best laptops for mechanics. Also, read this guide till the very last so you can make up your mind about what is best for you.

Buying Guide
Infographic: Buying Guide


If you are an Automotive workshop worker, then the laptop’s display plays a crucial role in your work quality. Most of the Automotive work involves mapping and gathering data, so a laptop with a dull and low-quality display can cause miss reading which can be damaging.

So, look for a laptop that offers a big size IPS display so you can view clearly with maximum color accuracy, which will also benefit you in simulations and car tunning.


Almost all the Automotive applications are processor dependent, and having a weak processor can cause disruption and lag in your workflow. So, to eliminate that, we recommend you to go for a laptop that offers you 10th gen intel or AMD Ryzen 5 series processor.

The processor also defines how fast your application will generate results and how much data it can handle at a time.


After the processor, the most crucial hardware is the GPU. A powerful GPU will help your processor run the heavy car tunning applications like Viezu K-Suite, MaxxECU MTune, and Q-Tuning smoothly.

So, we will recommend you go for a laptop with Nvidia 30 series or 20 series GPU, even if you are a non-gamer, which will be more than enough for you. Also, you can do a little gaming on the side if you are a gaming fanatic like me.

RAM and storage

if you are an automotive technician, then I will recommend you to go for a laptop with at least 8GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB SSD so you can also store your work files and documents easily

Also, with high RAM, you can multitask, like opening different automotive applications at the same time or running multiple internet tabs simultaneously.

Battery timing

Battery timing is a must, and a laptop with an excellent battery life will make your life as an automotive technician a lot easier. So, look for a laptop that offers 7 to 9 hours of battery life so you can do cordless working.


What are the best laptops for mechanics?

It depends on your requirement. For instance, if you want to run simulations and intensive automotive applications like ESP and MaxxECUMTune, then the best laptop for you will be a laptop with higher specs. Moreover, if you ask me what I think is the best, then I will hand down say the Razer blade 17 pro is the best laptop for automotive technicians.

How can I use car tunning applications on my laptop?

It’s just like installing another application. You just have to download the car tunning application, or you can buy it from a local computer store, and you are good to go.

What is the average price for automotive technician laptops?

The average price for an automotive technician laptop is 1000$ to 2000$, and it also depends on the user’s preference. For instance, if you are looking to run high CPU and GPU intensive applications, you have to pay more than you only want to run light applications.

Final Verdict

It doesn’t matter whether you are an automotive technician or work in any other field. Picking from our list of best laptops for mechanics will provide you guarantee performance and quality in every aspect of life.

My favorites from the list are:

  • Razer blade 17 pro
  • ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581

Because these laptops got an outstanding set of features like dual-screen and high-end GPU, I hope this list helped provide your ideal working partner. Thank you for your precious time, and have a nice day.

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