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7 Most Reliable Gaming Laptops (2023) – Best Longlasting Picks

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Are you tired of your laptop’s constant FPS drops and heating issues during intense level gaming? If yes, then you are in for a treat. Laptop manufacturers put specs like high-end processors, GPUs, and innovative cooling systems to increase their gaming performance and minimize heating issues.

Moreover, there are many high-end gaming laptops out there; with all the different builds and specs available, it’s quite difficult to work out which one will be ideal for your gaming requirements. Hence, as a fellow gamer myself, I have tested different gaming laptops and compiled a list of the most reliable gaming laptops in 2023.

Most Reliable Gaming Laptops (2023)

1-Razer Blade Pro 17 (Most Reliable Gaming Laptop)

First, let’s start our list with one of the best Razer Blade Pro 17. It is my favorite 17-inch gaming laptop because it does a pretty fantastic job of balancing its performance and durability. Additionally, Razer improved its traditional anti-fingerprint resistance coating to its previous model, so now it is more effective and gives it a crystal-clear look.

The Blade Pro 17 comes with an NVIDIA RTX 3070 built on NVIDIA’s award-winning RTX 2nd generation architecture technology that provides impressive ray-tracing and AI features for a high-quality visual and gaming experience. Furthermore, for the modern AAA title games, this machine got a 10th gen i7 processor, which can boost up to 4.9 GHz thanks to the Intel Turbo boost feature.

Above all, the blade pro 17 got a Next-Gen 17.3-inch display panel. Additionally, this laptop is available at three refresh rates so that you can go for a 360 Hz FHD panel for the ultra-fast gaming experience, 120 Hz for productivity work, and 165 Hz for both gaming and creative work.

Moreover, this laptop uses a vapor chamber cooling system for efficient heat dissipation that keeps it running quietly and smoothly even when the gameplay heats up. Also, if you want more processing speed and space, this laptop allows you easy upgradeability with its extra RAM slot. Hence, you can increase its RAM up to 64 GB. And for fast connectivity and e-sports gaming, the blade pro 17 got WIFI 6 connection.


  • Intel turbo boost feature
  • Excellent heat dissipation vapor chambers
  • Fast-display with 165 Hz refresh rate
  • Extra m.2 memory slot
  • Anti-fingerprint coated body
  • High gaming visuals with Ray-tracing and AI technology


  • No G-SYNC


  • Manufacturer Razer
  • Processor model I7-11800H
  • GPU model RTX 3070
  • RAM/Storage 16 GB RAM / 1 TB SSD
  • Build material Matte black aluminum

If all you care about is getting the best value and high-quality gaming performance, then the Razer Blade Pro 17 is just for you. Furthermore, this laptop has a perfect balance of looks, performance, and reliability.

2- Lenovo Legion 5

Next on our list is the laptop gaming titan from Lenovo. The Lenovo Legion 5 got an affordable price tag making it highly demanding among budget laptop gamers. Thanks to its heavy-duty plastic chassis, this laptop got a lightweight and durable design. Furthermore, to enhance its appearance, Legion Lenovo logos are designed on the back of the display panel. There is also a screen top webcam if you often do online meetings.

Now let’s talk about what’s inside this machine. The Legion 5 comes with an AMD Ryzen 7 processor with 8 different cores so you can enjoy high-processor-hungry games with maximum performance. Additionally, this laptop got a legion AI engine, which automatically optimizes games for maximum FPS using power transfer between CPU and GPU.

I love that the Legion 5 is rocking an RTX 3050 TI GPU built on NVIDIA 2nd generation quiet GPU architecture because you can experience real-life visuals by its ray tracing and AI graphic configurations. Furthermore, when you pair its GPU power with a 15-inch 165 Hz Dolby-supported display which is 100% color accurate, you will experience true lightning-fast gaming and 3ms response time.

The Lenovo Legion 5 got a next-level heat dissipation system called cold front 3.0 that offers dual fans, quad-channel exhaust, and heat transfer fins that allow zero spikes and performance drop over long gameplays. Moreover, if the accurate key response is crucial in your game, its 4-zone backlit RGB keyboard with legion true strike keys will be ideal for you.


  • Cool gaming with Lenovo Coldfront 3.0 design
  • 4-zone highly responsive backlit keyboard
  • Swift 3ms screen response time
  • Legion AI for gaming customization
  • Dolby supported 100% color-accurate display
  • Excellent hardware controls


  • Low-quality webcam


  • Manufacturer Lenovo
  • Processor model Ryzen 7 5800H
  • GPU model RTX 3050 TI
  • RAM/Storage 16 GB RAM / 512 GB SSD
  • Build Heavy-duty material plastic

When you talk about good reliable laptops that are affordable, one laptop comes into my mind, the Lenovo legion 5. Thanks to its excellent heat dissipation and gaming performance, you can do hours of nonstop gaming without encountering FPS drops and temp issues.

3- ASUS ROG Zephyrus S15

If you are a laptop gamer, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus S15 is as good as it gets. The ASUS ROG Zephyrus S15 got an ultra-slim design for core gamers and professionals who don’t like bulky and hefty gaming laptops. Also, it is incredibly lightweight and only weighs 2 Kg making it pretty portable.

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus S15 got an NVIDIA RTX 2080 super with the ROG boost feature. You can use ROG boost for boosting GPU frequency, giving an instant speed surge to your laptop performance and processing. Furthermore, its 15.6 inches 300 Hz refresh rate display panel uses ProArt true color technology to ensure Vivid and sharp colors with smooth gaming visuals.

I did benchmark tests on this laptop, and the results were astonishing. The ASUS ROG Zephyrus S15 got 90+ fps on most AAA titles. And the laptop maintained its temps between 60 to 70 Celsius thanks to its ROG intelligent cooling system. Also, it allows you to switch between different fan speed modes for optimal performance.

The S15 uses intel’s core I7- 10875H processor, 32 GB DDR4, and a 1 TB SSD to boost the processing performance. Also, its type-C port design ensures lighting fast charge, which charging time usually depends on laptop usage. In addition, it offers a long battery time for your everyday productivity tasks.


  • Multi-purpose fan speed switching
  • ROG intelligent cooling
  • ROG boost allows GPU overclocking
  • Lightning-fast charging with type-C ports
  • Easy to carry due to its Lightweight (2kg)
  • Fast and smooth visuals with a 300 HZ refresh rate


  • No SD card slots
  • No webcam


  • Manufacturer Asus
  • Processor model I7- 10875H
  • GPU model RTX 2080 super
  • RAM/Storage 32 GB RAM / 1 TB SSD
  • Build material Brushed aluminum

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus S15 is made for gaming, content creation, and much more. So, if you are a hardcore gamer like me and want a laptop that can withstand harsh and rough use, I recommend you go for it.


No gamer can deny that the MSI company is destroying high-end gaming laptops’ competitors. The MSI PULSE GL66 is one of their bestselling and highly rated laptops on Amazon. This machine is built like a tank, and it’s pretty durable. Although it is pretty lightweight, you can carry it around to work, school, or anywhere you want.

Let’s talk about its visual performance. The MSI PULSE GL66 got a 144 Hz refresh rate and 15.6 inches display panel so that you can feel even the tiny details in your gameplay. Furthermore, it uses RTX 3070 with ray tracing and Tensor cores to deliver maximum graphical power to content creators and hardcore gamers.

Moreover, this laptop provides powerful processing performance with its latest 11th gen I7, 8 cores processor that offers a 5.00 GHz frequency. Hence, you can multitask and efficiently run high-processor-hungry applications and games. Also, you can customize your games and power distribution using its exclusive MSI Center application.

The MSI PULSE GL66 dissipates all heat generated by these heavy processing components by its cooler boost 5 next-gen cooling system, including 6 heat dissipation pipes and 2 highly accurate fans. Furthermore, if you are a first-person shooter fan, its high-res audio system will provide you with an in-game 3D surround sound experience.


  • High-performance 5.00 GHz processor
  • 3D surround sound Audio
  • Full gaming customization using MSI Center
  • Optimal thermal dissipation with cool boost
  • Customizable keyboard


  • Low battery life


  • Manufacturer MSI
  • Processor model i7-11800H
  • GPU model RTX 3070
  • RAM/Storage 16 GB RAM / 512 GB SSD
  • Build material Plastic

Thanks to its optimal thermal dissipation and refined processing power, the MSI PULSE GL66 is ideal for content creators and e-sports gamers. Also, if you are running low on space or need more RAM for your multitasking, it allows easy upgrades with its two M.2 PCIe x4 slots.

5- Razer Blade 15

The Razer Blade 15 is a top-tier premium gaming machine. And this laptop has been in my personal use for more than a year, I love the fact that the Razer Blade line uses a CNC aluminum body that is fingerprint-resistant making it cleaner and smoother, so I don’t have to wipe my laptop every day.

The Blade 15 is jam-packed with high-end hardware like its RTX 30 series GPU, built on NVIDIA award-winning architecture technology that provides user RT and cutting-edge AI features to experience the true meaning of high-end gaming visuals. Furthermore, this laptop can run modern AAA titles efficiently with its powerful I7 8 core 5.1 GHz processor.

A stunning display panel offers 15.6 inches QHD screen size with a 165 Hz refresh rate, making everything from navigating windows to running triple AAA titles buttery smooth. This screen covers 100 % sRGB, 88% Adobe RGB, and 99% dc ip3, so you are really in for a colorful treat.

Like Razer blade pro 17, this model also uses vapor chamber cooling technology to enhance heat dissipation and smooth and lag-free gameplay. Moreover, if you are an E-sport gamer, the blade 15 has Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and a lightning-fast Ethernet connection, so you don’t experience ping issues and internet lag.


  • Color accurate display with 100% DCI-P3 color space
  • High 5.1 GHz processor frequency
  • Durable CNC aluminum uni-body build
  • Power full 3200 MHz dual-channel memory
  • Fast connectivity with Wi-Fi 6


  • Small keyboard


  • Manufacturer Razer
  • Processor model I7-11800H
  • GPU model RTX 3070
  • RAM/Storage 16 GB RAM / 1 TB SSD
  • Build material aluminum alloy

If you are looking for good reliable laptops that can perform well and handle large AAA titles, then your best choice will be Razer Blade 15. Furthermore, its alloy aluminum build makes it durable and lightweight, so you can easily carry it in your backpack anywhere you want.

6-MSI Stealth 15M

The MSI Stealth 15M is the thinnest gaming laptop available on the market, Although it still manages to pack a good amount of gaming power in it. It got a clean aluminum design with a carbon grey surface that helps it look sleek and compact. Also, it weighs around 3.75 lbs. making it a travel-friendly gaming machine.

When we talk about its visual performance, MSI stealth 15M got a 15. 6 inches panel with a 144 Hz refresh rate, which is fantastic for gamers and content creators. Pair its display with RTX 3060 GPU you can run even the modern 2023 AAA title games with extremely sharp and vivid color visuals.

Furthermore, the MSI Stealth 15M got a high-performance 11th gen i7 processor, which is more than enough to provide processing power to most graphic designing software and AAA titles.

The feature I loved about Stealth 15M is that its display panel can go up to full 180 degrees, and it has a flexible chassis and lid that enhances its durability.

For optimal thermal dissipation, MSI uses cool boost Technology in all gaming laptops, including different pipes and fan systems. It was visible during our benchmark test, and this laptop maintained its cool during the whole benchmark process.

Furthermore, it got many Input/output ports, including type-c, thunderbolt supporting up to 40 Gbps, 4.0 USB, and some display connections.


  • Fast data delivery ports (thunderbolt, 4.0 USB)
  • Single-core Turbo up to 5.3 GHz
  • Travel friendly because of its lightweight
  • Cool boost for temp control
  • Strong RTX 3060 GPU performance for high-end gaming


  • Low audio amplification


  • Manufacturer MSI
  • Processor model I7-11375H
  • GPU model RTX 3060
  • RAM/Storage 16 GB RAM / 512 GB SSD
  • Build material aluminum

Its 11th-generation single-core performance is quite good, making it ideal for rendering and processor-dependent gaming. Furthermore, its thunderbolt 4 port allows you to connect to an external display source with amazing 40 Gbps bandwidth.

7- Acer Predator Helios 300

Acer’s Helios line is one of the most anticipated and popular among hardcore gaming enthusiasts. The Acer Predator Helios 300 is crushing the competition with its super-fast 11th generation i7 processor, which includes 8 different cores and 16 threads to give a maximum solo core performance.

The Acer Predator Helios 300 offers RTX 3060 DDR6 with 6 GB dedicated video memory built on Nvidia Ampere architecture for all the gaming fanatics, including RT cores and streaming multi-processor features. Furthermore, you can crank your game display settings to the max, and your GPU will handle that without breaking a sweat.

Moreover, to offer users vivid and sharp visuals, the Helios 300 got a blazing-fast 15.4 inches display with a 144 Hz refresh rate and less than 3 ms response time, so this panel got all the speed a gamer cloud wishes for. Using its Intel killer double shot pro feature, you can use its WIFI and Ethernet simultaneously.

The Acer Predator Helios 300 works cool as ice because its fans have 89 blades and a pure metal body, increasing air circulation and increasing heat transfer. Moreover, I was impressed by its sustained performance and reduced throttling even after long gaming hours during testing. This laptop got Alexa show mode which allows you to use voice commands.


  • Space for 2 SSD
  • Great price for an RTX 3060 GPU
  • Alexa show mode for voice control
  • Blazing-fast display with 144 Hz refresh rate
  • Cooling perfected with 3D fan technology


  • Low battery timing


  • Manufacturer Acer
  • Processor model I7-11800H
  • GPU model RTX 3060
  • RAM/Storage 16 GB RAM / 512 GB SSD
  • Build Brushed material metal

If you are low on budget and want a gaming machine that is reliable and powerful, I recommend you go for the Acer Predator Helios 300. This laptop is a perfect balance between performance and price.

Buying Guide

This guide will explain some crucial features you have to keep in mind while selecting the best reliable gaming laptop for your gaming needs.


If you are looking for a reliable gaming laptop, you should go for a laptop that offers both performance and durability. If you want performance, go for a laptop with a high-end graphic card; usually, a 30 series will do the work and a 10th generation or above processor.

On the other hand, if you are going for durability, it depends on the laptop’s build quality, so I will suggest you go for a laptop with a heavy-duty aluminum build. And you can choose any laptop from our list, and it will provide you with the best results.


Most modern AAA title games depend on laptop specs. So, if you are a hardcore gamer who loves FPS and RPG games, I recommend you go for a laptop with the latest GPU (RTX 30 series) and 10 or 11th-generation processor.

High-speed internet connection options

Are you an E-sport gamer? If yes, you should go for a laptop with features like a Killer double shot, which offers both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections simultaneously. So you can enjoy lag-free online gaming with zero packet loss. The Acer Predator Helios 300 got this feature from our list and will be ideal for you.


Hardcore gaming needs a keyboard that has an anti-ghosting feature so look for a keyboard with anti-ghosting keys and a fast response.


1-What is the difference between Razer Blade 17 and 15?

Razer blade 17 and 15 are nearly identical in hardware and build, but the Blade 17 has slight advantages like its 17.6 inches display panel, whereas blade 15 got a 15-inch display. And blade 17 got dual m.2 slots, whereas blade 15 only offers a single m.2 slots.

2-What display panel size is ideal for gaming?

There is no ideal size for a display panel; it depends on the user. If a user is a hardcore gamer, you will need a screen that is 16 inches or above. The screen size determines the actual size of your laptop. For instance, a laptop with 13.3 inches display will offer less screen size and be lightweight and compact, whereas if you are going for a 17-inch, it will offer you desktop screen size, but you have to compromise on its weight.

3-Is fps and refresh rate different?

Yes, the refresh rate depends on your monitor, whereas fps depends on your laptop’s internal hardware. Furthermore, Fps is frame per second means how many frames your laptop can generate in a second, and the higher the Fps are, the smoother your gameplay experience will be. On the other hand, refresh rate is a refreshing time for an image, and good reliable laptops offer a high refresh rate for fast and accurate visuals.

Final Verdict

To summarize, whether you are buying a laptop for gaming or content creation, one thing is must it should be reliable. So, I hope this list of the most reliable gaming laptops successfully provided you with your dream gaming laptop.

If you ask me what my favorite picks were, I would say:

  • Razer Blade Pro 17
  • ASUS ROG Zephyrus S15

Because these laptops got an excellent heat dissipations system and you can do hours and hours of nonstop gaming without throttling and heating issues. Thank you for your precious time, and if you have any suggestions, you are free to comment below.

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