Nvidia RTX 2070 Super vs 3060-Ti – Ultimate Buying Guide

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People worldwide want to dominate their competitors over crucial times of gameplay. That is only possible when a good GPU is installed in the gaming computer setup. GPUs are vital players in the performance of a gaming computer setup. Among the best graphic card providers, Nvidia is specialized in producing great graphic cards and other accessories for the purpose.

Among Nvidia’s great GPUs, RTX 2070 Super and the 3060TI are their flagship products. Their performance in producing realistic graphics is quite acknowledgeable in gaming and other graphics-related working units. We tested both GPUs and analyzed their performance to write Nvidia RTX 2070 Super vs 3060-Ti for our valued readers.

RTX 2070 Super

Nvidia released RTX 2070 super graphics card that is more powerful than its previous generation. This new 2070S is about 25% faster than the previous 1070, and it has a higher clock speed of 15 GHz. It is also more power-efficient and consumes 4.3W less than its predecessor at stock clock speed and 2.5W less at Turbo.

With the performance, the 2070S is also cheaper than its predecessor, with a price under $500. This price is for a customized model with a 3-year warranty to remove all of your doubts. Nvidia plans to release some GPU-based laptops that will double up as gaming laptops for almost $1,200. However, there is still time for that.

Nvidia’s RTX 2070 desktop graphics card is based on Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) instructions. It is an extension of Advanced Vector Graphics (AVC), which allows computers to perform quick computations, command analysis, and render realistic graphics to a realistic level.

Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti

Nvidia RTX 3060 ti is a new graphics card from Nvidia which offers excellent performance and graphical fidelity. It has a 3,840 x 2160 pixel resolution and supports ray tracing and HBAO+. Nvidia RTX is the modern technology-based GPU architecture that allows you to smooth your 3d work and support your gaming setup.

As an Ampere generation of graphics cards, it will be one of the first products to feature massive ray tracing with HBAO+ and DLSS technologies. The technology lets you boost the latest games and ensure high performance against your competitors.

The enhanced ray-tracing and tensor cores with high-speed G6 memory and new streaming multiprocessors ensure smooth and excellent performance. 3060 ti is an inexpensive option (unlike 3080 and 3090) against the RTX 2070 super and costs almost $400 on Nvidia’s official website. That’s a 100 bucks difference.

Factors to Check Before Buying

There are many factors involved when you talk about a graphic card or a GPU setup for your computer. Although these two are the great graphic cards by Nvidia, what is the best among them? To answer, we will analyze some indicators based on some factors so that; you waste your money on an unsuitable card for your setup.

1- Performance

To analyze the performance, we added lots of subfactors or indicators that may affect their performance. These specifications involve determining the performance of the graphic card. Let’s go through them.

  1. GPU Memory Speed

GPU memory speed is an indicator that determines the memory bandwidth among the graphic cards. In terms of memory speed, Nvidia RTX 2070 Super and 3060ti have the same speed of 1750MHz. Both work at the same GPU memory status.

  1. Textured Mapping Unit (TMUS)

Textured Mapping Unit plots the 3D scenes on the screen as it simply takes the textures and maps them to their relevant position while making a 3D scene. To understand the performance, we consider its higher speed as a faster working. A higher TMUS count means the enhanced processing of textured information.

TMUS count for RTX 2070S is 160, and for 3060 ti, it is 152. That is not a big difference, but graphic quality changes according to every count.

  1. Texture Rate

Texture rate is the number of textured pixels rendered on the screen every second. It makes the 3D graphics more precise and solid. Nvidia 2070 super texture rate is 283.2 GTexels per second. And 3060 ti texture rate is 253.1 GTexels per second. The record shows that Nvidia 2070S is leading the graph.

  1. Pixel Rate

Don’t confuse it with the textured rate, as it is simply the number of pixels rendered on the screen in each second. It is concerned with the picture or graphic clarity and sharpness. RTX 2070S has a 113.3 Gpixel per second rate, whereas the 3060 ti has a rate of 133.2 Gpixel per second.

  1. Floating Point Performance

The floating-point performance is responsible for the general processing performance of GPU. It often indicates the power at which GPU process generally. The average count of the floating point in this price range is between 13.98 and to17.48 TFLOPS. The actual floating point for RTX 2070S is 9.06 TFLOPS and 16.2 TFLOPS for the 3060, which indicate that 3060 wins the point.

  1. GPU Turbo

It sometimes happens that GPU works below its limitations for certain reasons. To boost its clock speed, GPU Turbo comes into place that revives the clock speed and boosts it to enhance the performance and speed. The normal speed for the GPU Turbo at this price range is between 1700MHz to 1900MHz. Nvidia introduced the GPU turbo in RTX 2070 super with 1770MHz and 1670 MHz speeds for the 3060 ti.

  1. Render Output Units (ROPs)

Render Output Units do some final things to render a scene. It writes the final pixel data to the memory and improves the overall graphics quality through anti-aliasing and other similar tasks. ROPs for the RTX 2070 Super is 64, whereas 3060 ti has an 80 count. 3060 ti is in the average count, whereas RTX 2070S lacks a bit. The normal ROPs count for the price range is from 76.33 to 86.67.

  1. Shading Units

Shading units can be called the processing units for the graphic card. These are small stream processors that work in a graphic card to process the different aspects of an image. Or their main responsibility is to process the image to generate supreme quality. 2560 shading units are applied in the RTX 2070 Super, and the 3060 ti has a 4864 count.

  1. GPU Clock Speed

GPU clock speed indicates the general processing speed of the GPU. Higher the clock speed shows the higher and quick performance of the GPU. The average speed for the price range is 1520MHz to 1700MHz. And if we see the RTX 2070S, the GPU clock speed is 1605MHz and 1410MHz for the 3060 ti.

  1. Precision Floating Points

There are two types of precision floating points in GPUs, single floating-point and double floating-point. The single-precision floating-point usually works with 32-bit floating-point numbers. Double precision floating point deals with the 64-bit system unit. Higher the system units may increase the performance in fast calculations and the computation.

Most high-working GPUs have a double-precision floating-point system. When we see our two products, Nvidia RTX 2070 Super has double-precision floating points, whereas 3060 ti has a single precision system. Nvidia RTX 2070S has an edge in this indicator.

2- Memory

Memory plays an important role in determining the quality and value of a GPU or a graphic card. 2070 super vs 3060 ti comparison can’t be completed without comparing their memory. So, let’s dive into the memory section and find out the indicators that matter to enhance memory.

  1. VRAM

VRAM is called the dedicated memory of a graphic card. The criteria are the simplest here, more the VRAM, more chances of running high definition graphical games. Higher VRAM means that you can enhance the settings for the high-definition games to run them at the optimum level. Both of our discussed GPUs have the same 8GB VRAM. It is considered the higher level when we see the average VRAM for the price range, from 4.46GB to 8.5 GB on average.

  1. Memory Speed Efficiency

Memory speed plays an important role when we look at 3060 ti vs 2070 super comparison. The speed efficiency is calculated with the help of size and the data rate of the memory. It is also calculated in MegaHertz. Graphic cards in this range usually have 12500MHz-14000MHz memory speed, which shows both of our graphic cards have good memory speed efficiency of 14000 MHz for each.

  1. GDDR Memory Version

A newer version of GDDR memory always enhances the higher data transfer rate. It ultimately enhances the performance of the GPU. The latest version is 6-7 at the time, whereas this price range has around version 5.75 to version 6. RTX 2070S and the 3060 ti both have version 6 GDDR memory, among the latest.

  1. Maximum Memory Bandwidth

It is the speed at which a GPU’s processing unit can read or process the data from the storage and into the memory. The normal speed for this price range is 427GB per second to 512GB per second. When we look at the RTX 2070S and the 3060 ti, both stand firm with the same speed of 448GB per second.

  1. Memory Bus Width

Memory bus width determines how much data is transferred in one cycle. A wider memory bus ensures more data transfer in one cycle. It increases the memory performance and ultimately enhances the GPU speed and performance. The normal width for the range is up to 709 bits, whereas both the GPUs have the same memory bus width of 256 bit.

  1. Error Correcting Code Memory Support

Error Correcting Code memory support is a rare GPU feature that traces and solves data-related issues. ECC memory support comes into play when it becomes necessary to avoid data corruption, especially in scientific computations and running servers. Unfortunately, Both of our GPUs don’t have the ECC memory support, but it doesn’t mean that GPU gets slowed down.

3- Ports

Ports play a vital role in determining the value of a GPU. More ports allow easy connectivity and performance with high-speed data transfer and work.

  1. HDMI Port Availability

HDMI or mini HDMI ports may enhance data transfer speed between the processing unit and the storage unit. So, having an HDMI port ensures speedy transfer of high-quality video and audio to display. Both of our GPUs have HDMI ports.

  1. HDMI Ports

A single HDMI port restricts you to limited connectivity to the devices. So, to connect with many devices simultaneously, you may require more HDMI ports. According to our experience, modern times require more connectivity opportunities so that you may connect it with the video gaming consoles and set-top boxes. Although it is recommended to choose a GPU with at least 2 or more HDMI ports, both of our GPUs have single HDMI ports.

  1. HDMI Version

The latest HDMI versions enhance the chance to support the higher bandwidth cables. It ultimately advances the resolution, frame rate, and GPU speed. Recommended HDMI version for this price range is 2.1. RTX 2070 super has a 2.0 version, but 3060 ti has a different modern 2.1 HDMI version due to the latest model.

  1. DVI Outputs

DVDs allow you to connect the GPU to a display with the help of a DVI. Having DVI outputs helps your system generate a high definition, sharp and enhanced picture quality than the VGA. In the case of our 2070 super vs 3060 ti comparison, RTX 2070S has DVI outputs, whereas 3060 ti doesn’t have the DVI outputs.

  1. Display-port Outputs

Display port outputs help you connect to a display for sharp and high-definition graphic results. Most of the graphic cards in this price range have 2 to 3 display port outputs. RTX 2070S has 2 display port outputs, whereas the 3060 ti has 3 display port outputs due to the latest model.

4- General Features

Our Nvidia RTX 2070 Super vs 3060-Ti  buying guide is incomplete without discussing some features that might look general but can play a vital role in determining the value of a GPU.

  1. OpenGL version

OpenGL version is an API that helps render the 2D and 3D vector graphics. The rule is very simple here; a higher OpenGL version adds more value and offers more benefits. A higher version may add more functions to GPU and smoothen the CPU working. Both of our GPUs have 4.6 versions provided that support generating better graphics.

  1. OpenCL Version

Some games and apps use OpenGL to power up the GPU for non-graphical computations in modern technology gaming setups. Newer versions may enhance the speed and the power of GPU. We recommend our readers to look for the latest 2.2 OpenGL version to enhance functionality and for better performance. However, RTX 2070S has a 1.2 version installed, and 3060 ti has a 2.0 version of the OpenGL.

  1. DirectX Version

It is a suite of multimedia technologies that smooth your gaming experience and boost the graphic quality and speed of the GPU. Older versions may create the problem of lags and slows down your latest games. We recommend you find out the latest direct version in GPU to support better graphics. DirectX version is provided the same in both GPUs as version 12 is given in it.

  1. Multi-Display Technology

Multi-display technology enhances the performance and the functionality of a GPU. That ensures multi-screen configuration simultaneously to create an immersive gaming experience. Modern gaming monitors come in different varieties. Especially 3 gaming monitor setups require multi-display technology provided into both GPUs.

  1. Ray Tracing Support

Ray tracing support is a modern light rendering technique that generates more realistic lighting, reflection, and shadow effects. As a pro gamer, I would like to enjoy realistic lighting and reflection effects while playing modern hard-action games. Fortunately, both GPUs have ray tracing support.

  1. 3D and DLSS Support

3D glasses are something that is used in modern gaming setups. And fortunately, both thee GPUs support every type of 3D view and device. Similarly, deep learning super sampling (DLSS) is an AI upscaling technology that helps render the graphics from low resolution and present them in high resolution with the near-native visual quality. That enhanced the performance and provided modern GPUs and graphic cards. Both of the cards have 3D and DLSS support.

  1. Supported Displays

Using the multiple displays allows you to work on a larger workspace. It helps you work on different apps simultaneously with ease and without facing glitches or lags. 4 Displays are provided in both of the graphic cards, which is considered a good display count.

5- Price

Price is one of the biggest factors to consider before buying something. In this guide, we tried to cover all the aspects that may affect the performance and your purchasing decision, including the price.

The price of both GPUs is different, with a $100 difference between them. The company’s price for the RTX 2070 Super is $499, which is quite good according to its functions. However, the 3060 price is $399, which is $100 less than the 2070S but with slightly different specifications.

2070 Super vs 3060 Ti, Which is the Best?

We have covered almost all the aspects that may affect the decision, but before providing our final verdict, a conclusion may help us reach the destination. While looking at the performance section, we saw that 6 indicators support the RTX 2070S, but providing clear and sharp graphics, 3060 ti is better than its other counterpart.

Both the GPUs can perform similarly with the same memory clock speed, entire memory section, and similar general features. However, 3060 ti generates quick gaming scenarios and another graphic with sharp and clear image quality. And especially the latest technology and budget section, where 3060 ti offers the latest versions of different displays, is $100 cheaper than the 2070S.

Almost both of the GPUs have the same specifications and features. However, in important features like speeding up the rendering process and generating high-quality graphics quickly with the latest connectivity technologies, 3060 ti would be the better.

That doesn’t mean the 2070S isn’t a good option; the 2070s is also a great option that enhances your game speed better than the 3060 ti and provides a better GPU turbo when your system faces issues with generating high-quality resolutions.

Final Verdict

When we talk about 2070 Super vs 3060 Ti, both of the Graphic cards add great utility to your gaming experience. With all the features, specifications, performance evidence, and our experience, 3060 ti would be a better option. That will not only saves you $100 but will offer almost the same features as the 2070S with its latest technologies and the enhanced speed and performance. However, the choice is yours, and you can read out the other article to have broader aspects of both the cards. Have a great gaming experience.

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