How to Cool a Laptop While Gaming – No Overheating

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Sky-scraping performance processors and extreme graphic cards in a gaming laptop generate scorching heat when used extensively. If you are a pro gamer, you ought to know how to cool a laptop while gaming to prevent damage to the device and game.

Nowadays, technology is in its best position. People use the best laptops available in the market for their official or personal usage. A large chunk of youth habit playing heavy games on the laptop for time pass. So, gaming has emerged as an industry. Every professional gamer plays modern games which require top graphics settings for better results.

How to Cool a Laptop While Gaming

First of all, you have to discover why a gaming laptop is being overheated?

A lot of the factors are in working behind this scenario. It will be very easy to counter this problem if you can catch them. So, why do gaming laptops become hot?

Various aspects affect a gaming laptop, and the most common is being discussed in the following line:

  • The faulty and outdated cooling fans
  • Low-quality hardware and you use it for heavy games
  • Placement of laptop on lap or fluffy places
  • Disturbance of fresh air flow due to accumulation of dirt particles on vents
  • Thermal paste got expire
  • Malware working in the background

How do I know the laptop is overheating?

A normal gaming laptop produces heat up to 50C. But when it experiences the above issues, the temperature may rise to 80C.

This overheating of the gaming laptop breaks the performance, and you notice abnormal functioning, lags, breaks, and other problems, which are described below;

  • Loud noise in the fan
  • Untimely Hardware failure
  • Shut down while performing a job
  • Screen stuck issue

These issues not only cause problems in playing games but also mental disturbance. You may have seen people throw them in anger as they get stuck. You have to apply the most suitable method to counter the specific problem.

How to Cool a Laptop While Gaming

Method – 1: Clean Up Your Gaming Laptop Routinely

Clean Up Your Gaming Laptop Routinely

Most regular gamers become lazy and don’t bother to take care of their gaming laptops. It makes their precious gaming laptop a liability.

With time, a laptop holds a lot of dust particles and other things that clog the vents and stick to the internal components. This blockage of vents restricts the free flow of fresh air, and as a result, the gaming laptop gets overheated.

Cleaning and dusting are highly recommended three to four times to keep a gaming laptop with the best cooling.

Most people suggest an air compressor open up the vents by blowing air. So, at this point, some easy stages will be followed in cleaning up your gaming laptop.

You need to purchase compressed air, usually available in the superstore.

  • Power off the laptop and cool it down to ambient temperature
  • Open up the compact air can and blow it through the side vents of the laptop
  • Make sure that liquid air doesn’t stay inside; otherwise, it will damage the hardware.
  • Move the gaming laptop, tilt it at every angle, and continue until no dust particle comes outside.
  • Repeat this process for each cleaning day.

Alternatively, the most effective way to clean a laptop is to manually open it up and clean all its internal components. You are lucky enough if you are tech-savvy, as only a screwdriver is needed for this purpose. But ensure that you don’t damage any sticker of warranty.

Otherwise, you can take it to an authorized computer technician as well.

Cleaning the laptop will improve laptop thermals and increase its performance and improve airflow through the vents.

Method – 2: Placement on A Flat Solid Surface

Each gaming laptop comes on the market with proper guidelines and an operating manual. These laptops work better when used under suggested means.

All personal or gaming laptops have rubber pads on the bottom side to keep them elevated from the surface. The main function of these pads is to regulate the flow of air through vents and keep the laptop at normal temperature.

Some gamers habit placing laptops on their laps or soft places like blankets or pillows. It will surely block the fresh air flow inside out. Resultantly, heat is accumulated, and the fan starts making a loud noise.

If you don’t have any convenient place to keep the laptop flat, either you can use a hardcover book or place it in your lap just for normal browsing.

But, for heavy loads and games, a flat surface is inevitable to keep the gaming laptop cool.

Method – 3: Go for Additional Cooling – Use Cooling Pad

Go for Additional Cooling – Use Cooling Pad

If low-quality fans have been installed on your gaming laptop. You can also try a third-party cooling fan that can dissipate heat from internal components. So, laptop coolers are essential to cool down a gaming laptop.

These cooling pads can decrease the temperature from 5-10 degrees depending upon the kind and brand of the cooling pad. Some cooling places have 3-5 fans, but single and bigger ones can also work best.

The majority of the laptops have grills and vents on the sides to flow hot air outside, but some gaming laptops have a fan and grill at the bottom, which may also heat the cooling pad.

So, how to use a cooling pad for a gaming laptop?

Place the gaming laptop within the cooling pad and connect its cable to the USB port of your gaming laptop. It will start blowing hot air outside through the vents. You will see magic as the temperature abruptly goes down due to the proper flow of fresh air.

This method is a quite inexpensive and durable solution to all overheating problems.

Method – 4: Undervolting

This method is only applicable to new gaming laptops in the market as older ones don’t have the option of undervolting. Undervolting means a reduction in voltage being supplied to the processor. When voltage decrease, the temperature goes down as well.

However, before applying this method, make sure the processor accepts it. Otherwise, you may cause harm to your laptop in the hardware. How to use the undervolting method on a gaming laptop?

  • First, go to the BIOS of your laptop. If the laptop shows any possibility of voltage reduction, then look for ‘core CPU voltage.’
  • It will be in ‘Auto’ mode so change it to ‘offset’ and keep the voltage value to -0.01V.
  • Boot up the system, apply a stress test with the cine bench and check whether it starts functioning properly.
  • If the laptop survives without crashing, then go to BIOS again, change the voltage value to 0.02V and make sure the system is unstable.
  • Now, you have reached the final spot; by slowly increasing the voltage, you will get to a point where the laptop becomes stable.

If you are not tech-savvy, then. You may end up in destruction and permanent damage to your gaming laptop.

Method – 5: Removal of Faulty Fans

Removal of Faulty Fans

Modern gaming laptops have multiple fans installed, which keep the internal temperature at a lower value and make your laptop quiet. When these fans stop working or spinning, the laptop will heat up.

  • You can hear through the ear to get an idea about faulty fans.
  • Start some heavy games; all the fans start spinning at high speed due to load.

You will observe one of the following two or both problems.


No fan remains idle when the system is performing heavy tasks or games. So, if the fan remains silent, it must be broken and needs replacement.


The fan produces a loud noise and starts grinding and rattling when the fan is broken. If your fan makes such abnormal sound, it works at optimal speed and needs replacement.

You can this guide on how to make your laptop fan quiet and do it by yourself. If the problem is severe take your laptop to an authorized technician.

Method – 6: Install an External GPU and Remove Low Power Hardware

If your gaming laptop has low-power hardware or GPU, it may cause a problem and produce sufficient heat. When such hardware tries to perform under heavy loads, the heat goes out of control. It is equally applicable to CPUs with integrated chips.

So, if the performance of your laptop goes down with an increase in temperature, it means the processor has reached a critical point of temperature. Here, you can control the temperature through cooling pads, blowing air can method, or both.

If they don’t help, then apply the following procedure;

  • Install an external GPU. It is the best way to increase performance, just like a desktop, without purchasing a new gaming laptop. It will instantly decrease the temperature inside the laptop. As they are quite expensive, so you have to ensure that the CPU of the laptop can handle this GPU
  • Keep low-level game settings. Applying this step will ensure quiet working of GPU and resultantly low heat generation. It will reduce the resolution and graphics, but the best method is to work with outdated GPU and get good results without overheating.

Method – 7: Stop Working in Many Programs

As you know, heat generation is directly related to several applications working in the background. You have to shut down such programs, decreasing performance and increasing heat.

To stop these programs, you can use task manager and quit any application in just one click.

Furthermore, you have to watch malware that works in the background and decreases speed. So, have some authentic anti-virus programs to remove such resources.

Method – 8: Reapply Thermal Paste to Internal Components

It is only applicable to older systems as modern-age gaming laptops don’t need it. Over time thermal paste gets dry and loose its effectiveness. If the CPU is accessible, you can unscrew it and reapply thermal paste over it. It will reduce the temperature to a sufficient level and keep the processor cool.

Method – 9: Working in a Cool Environment

Sometimes, the gaming laptops don’t have any internal issues, but working in a warmer environment will increase the temperature. Heat generation will increase if the laptop receives warm air or direct sunlight.

It is the most underrated solution to the overheating problem and uncared response to how to cool a laptop while gaming.

If the temperature is below 35 degrees, it’s ideal for a gaming laptop, and it can perform well without a heating problem.

But when the temperature goes above this temperature, you may have to purchase an AC to have an ambient temperature.

Final Thoughts

We all are well aware of the heating problem in a gaming laptop. We feel exhausted when nothing works in decreasing heat generation and cooling a laptop while gaming. If you are a pro gamer, maybe the wrong choice is also an issue

My blog, “how to cool a laptop while gaming,” solely depends upon my experiences. I have discussed all internal, external, software, and hardware-related issues. So, you can apply any of the above mentioned to prolong the life of a gaming laptop and fully enjoy while playing modern heavy games.

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