How To Connect AirPods to Dell Laptop? (2022) – Pro Advice

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Looking for how to connect AirPods to Dell laptop? Don’t worry you are at the right place. Today I will be guiding you thoroughly about AirPod connection to laptops. I will explain 2 simple methods. So, keep reading till the end for a quick hack.

Typically, Air pods are designed for apple and iOS-based devices. If your laptop is from Dell you might need assistance to link and pair the Bluetooth with a laptop. We will discuss different methods and tricks to connect an AirPod to your dell laptop and enjoy music, Netflix, and YouTube videos without any hassle.

How to Connect AirPods to Dell Laptop? (Pro)

Method – 1

Connecting a pair of Air Pods to a Dell laptop is similar to other Bluetooth connections of electronic devices. Carefully apply the following detailed instructions:

Step – 1: charge up the Air Pods

A low battery in the Air Pod may result in weak or no connection. So, first of all, charge the battery of Air Pods to avoid the bad experience of stuttering.

For charging, you can place air pods in their charging case.

Step – 2: Enable Bluetooth 

Here are two ways you can choose any one of them. First, press the WIN + A keys on the keyboard, and you will jump into the action center and then click on Bluetooth devices.

Or you can go to settings by pressing the WIN + I key and clicking on Devices. In Devices, a Bluetooth option will be visible, so click it.

Enable the Bluetooth and make it discoverable to all nearby devices for connection.

Step – 3: Allow Pair Mode “ON” In Air Pods

When the charging of Air Pods is complete, then bring them out of their charging case. Gently wear them in your ear.

There will be a button in the charging case; a light starts flashing by pressing it. Now, the pairing mode is enabled in Air Pods.

Step – 4: Setup Connection to Dell Laptop

Come to the laptop screen and check the available devices for pairing in the Bluetooth and devices section.

Find and press the Air Pods for connection from the available list of pairing devices.

After connection, you will hear a ringing sound that confirms the pairing.

Step – 5: Fine-Tune the Audio Settings

If still, the sound is coming from laptop speakers, it means other settings are still required.

So click on the speaker icon in the taskbar, check the button headphones, and uncheck the speakers. Now, Air pods will be the default audio devices.

Method – 2

When the above method -1 is not working, then you can apply the following instructions:

  1. Go to the windows search option in the taskbar
  2. Type ‘Bluetooth and other devices’
  3. A window will pop up; click on Bluetooth and enable it
  4. Now, Search nearby available devices
  5. Find the Air Pods and click connect
  6. After setting up the connection, enjoy the sharp and clear sound in Air pods.

Issues in Pairing AirPods to Dell Laptops

As mentioned earlier, the Air Pods were designed for iOS devices. When you try to connect windows systems, you may face the following issues.

1- Low Audio Quality

Even after the proper connection, the sound quality may not be up to the mark. There are various reasons for this problem. Quick fixing by applying the following trick will enhance the audio quality.

  • If you are using other devices like printers, scanners, or speakers – turn off their Bluetooth.
  • Disable the Bluetooth of your device with other mobiles or laptops
  • Ensure the Bluetooth range which is 10 meters. The connection becomes weak if you go out of this distance, and sound distorts.
  • Disable Bluetooth and then enable it again or reset your Air Pods.
  • Sometimes the problem is in Air Pods; check them by connecting to the phone. If they are working well, the issue is related to the compatibility of Air Pods to Dell laptops.

2- Laptop Is Unable to Detect Air Pods

If your laptop is unable to detect and connect to Air Pods, then follow these instructions:

  • Try pairing up your Laptop with the mobile or other Bluetooth devices.
  • If the Laptop successfully connects to other devices, upgrade the Bluetooth driver in the device manager
  • Try to connect Air Pods to your Android phone or any additional Bluetooth owing device. If the connection is established, the Air Pods model is incompatible with Laptop.
  • Ensure the discovery setting of your Laptop is appropriate.
  • Wait for the white light to blink in Air Pods. If the light is not spotted, the problem is with Air Pods. Take the pair to the Apple support center.
  • Check the battery of Air Pods; if the battery is low, charge it through the charging case.
  • The connection may not be set up if you try to connect the pair while wearing in-ears. Please place them in the case and push the button and connect again.

3- Stuttering in Connection

If the sound is continuously stuttering, you will be unable to enjoy the clear and sharp audio quality in music and podcasts.

  • Air Pods pair is not fully charged
  • The case is scratched
  • One piece in the pair is malfunctioning
  • Distance between Air Pods and Laptop is more than 10 meters
  • The Bluetooth driver in Laptop is outdated

Implementing the following tips can help you to resolve the issue 

  • Update driver
  • Fully charge the Air Pods
  • Stay in the 10 meters range

My Laptop does not have Bluetooth. How to Connect Air Pods?

Some laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth programs due to internal issues. But a trick you can apply to connect Air Pods to Dell Laptop.

You have to buy an external Bluetooth device from the computer center. It just needs to sacrifice one USB port. After connecting this tiny device, you can connect Air pods to your laptop by following the same above steps.

How Can the Air Pods Be Disconnected from Dell Laptop?

Connection Air Pods to dell laptops may be irritating, but disconnection is very easy. Follow the given steps to avoid any trouble.

  • Press the windows and A key simultaneously
  • Seek the Bluetooth in the control panel and click over it.
  • Go to view all the connected devices.
  • Select Air Pods from the list and click remove.
  • Done, Air Pods are disconnected, and you will receive a dong tone.


Q1. How can I search for the Bluetooth toggle button again?

  1. Press the Windows and Q keys on your keyboard simultaneously.
  2. In the search menu, look for the device manager
  3. Press the control panel present in the drop-down menu
  4. Search Bluetooth
  5. Hit the + key and reach the Bluetooth toggle button.

Q2. Do other Bluetooth devices work on iPhones?

It wasn’t easy to connect other devices with iPhone through Bluetooth at the start. But now, they have modified their program and enabled other Bluetooth devices to connect. Headphones, game controllers, and speakers can directly be connected via Bluetooth. The procedure of creating the connection is very easy. Enable the Bluetooth in the Apple device and the other one. After listening to the ding-dong sound, you connected both the devices perfectly.

Q3. How to reconnect the Air Pods with the dell Laptop again?

Since you have connected both the devices, it is easier to reconnect them. Just enable the Bluetooth of Air Pods, and it’s done. If you are still struggling to set up a connection, you can implement these points.

  • Press the Win + I key
  • Press the button on the devices
  • Make sure the Bluetooth is ‘ON.’
  • In the already connected devices, click on Air Pods

Q4. Can the Air Pods be used for gaming?

Yes, of course. Air Pods can work better in off-line playing. But you will notice a lag in sound in online playing, which can cause a disturbance.

Q5. Does apple offer wireless charging of Air Pods?

Yes. You can charge them wirelessly. From the production of 2nd generation Air Pods, Apple offers wireless charging. But you have to buy a compatible Qi charging case for that purpose.

Q6. How to update the Audio Drivers of the Dell laptop for a better connection?

In windows, the drivers transmit the data among the programs and hardware. An expired audio driver can distort the connection, so it must be updated. You can implement these directions.

  • Open the Windows menu and try to find the device manager
  • Go to Sound controller
  • Select Bluetooth now
  • Check to update the driver form driver option
  • You may be asked for manual and automatic update driver
  • After selecting an automatic choice, Windows will search for the latest driver of Bluetooth.
  • Follow the successful prompts and finalize the update.


People have a craze of using Air Pods by connecting them to mobiles, PCs, and Laptops. In the near past, apple devices could not connect to Android and Windows operating systems. But Now they have enabled pairing up Air Pods to any other devices, either Mobile or Laptop. If you are facing any issues in pairing up, you can follow the instructions on how to connect AirPods to dell laptop and enjoy sharp and clear sound while listening to Podcasts and music.

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